In July of 2014, Chad Townsend and his wife, Lauren, went out for some ice cream to talk about their plans to open a restaurant.
Chad had just left his executive chef position and they were scouting locations for his newest venture.

 Except something funny happened... they started talking about ice cream,
and how disappointing it was that so many of Pittsburgh's scoop shops
weren't actually making their own product.

Pittsburgh's food scene was burgeoning, why wasn't anyone paying attention to ice cream?

Chad thought that maybe someone should, and who better than him.
He had been making crazy good ice cream and sorbet at some of Pittsburgh's best restaurants for years.

 Lauren was game.

Her life long dream was to have an unlimited supply of artisanal dessert
(and spend more time with her chef husband, of course).

 And so, the restaurant venture was postponed and Millie's Homemade was born.