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In 2014, our co-founder and chef Chad Townsend was looking to make a career change, so he purchased a Pacojet™ on a whim - on his wife Lauren's credit card. 

A Pacojet™ is a professional kitchen appliance that micro-purees deep-frozen foods to a fine texture to produce luxurious ice creams, and sorbets - 

and Pacojets™ are, like, really, really expensive.

Determined to pay her back, Chad began to trial ice cream recipes in their home kitchen to sell to restaurants around Pittsburgh. 

Lauren kicked Chad out of their kitchen and together they have now built Millie's Ice Cream Works to make a little more ice cream - and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Millie's mission is simple:  to spread happiness & kindness through the simple joy of naturally perfect ice cream.

That is why we use the best, in-season ingredients.

As of 2019, Millie's has grown to four Pittsburgh retail locations, with more in the works for 2020 - and we don't have any plans of stopping! 

But as we grow, we build and staff every shop with our core values in mind. We want you to taste ice cream that makes you smile, served with a smile - every time. We couldn't do what we do without your joy!

Our ice cream crew of two has expanded into a team of dozens that we truly call our family: people who believe in naturally perfect ice cream. We try to pack a little bit of all of the parts of our story into every cone & pint, but the one thing you’ll never find? Thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, or preservatives. 

Thick and creamy, dense and indulgent, this ice cream is just real. And real is delicious.